How to get a Brighter, Fairer and Youthful Skin?

While a lot of focus is on finding the right makeup products, unfortunately not enough attention is paid to skin care. We should know that knowing your skin type and its requirements is the most important thing. Without proper skincare, no amount of makeup will help you achieve the look you want.

There is a big misconception that skin care is only for older women, but it’s not far truth. The sooner you start, the better your skin will look with age. No matter how good your skincare routine is, if you don’t ask yourself how do you know your skin type, it’s pointless!

Now the most important step in a skin-care is knowing your skin type.

Importance of knowing skin type

When it comes to skin care, knowing your skin type is very important in order to find the best skin care. Poor quality products can have a negative effect on your skin. Choosing skin care products based on your skin type can help protect your skin from adverse reactions and other side effects.

So, before you invest your hard-earned money in skin care products, you need to know why it’s important to know your skin type and how to know your skin type!

How to know your skin type?

Want to know how to know your skin type? Determining your skin type is a simple but important step in everyone’s skin care. Most people already know their skin type, but for those who don’t yet, there’s a surprisingly effective way to determine your skin type in a short amount of time.

After answering the question “How to know your skin type,” let’s take care of your skin type!

So first of all wash your face with a mild cleanser and let it air dry. Now lets see how different skin types would react.

Dry skin:

Now if at this point, your skin feels patched or tight your skin is definitely dry in nature. And sometimes people also faces itchiness with extreme dry skin. Now in this case you need a good moisturizer.

Our Radiant skin cream, specially formulated with Alpha Arbutin and liquor ice, will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin and provide sun protection. Radiant Skin Cream is a light weight, non-sticky, and easily blends like a cream without any white cast. It is suitable for all skin types and you can also use it as a day cream.

Normal skin:

If your skin remains smooth, without any excessive shine or dryness than you definitely have a normal skin. Now your skin might glow but without any excessive oil. So don’t confuse your glow with greasiness.

Oily skin:

Now even after washing your face, if you have excessive shine on your nose and forehead than you have an oily skin. This oil can be determined by touching it with your finger. Now you need a really good face wash to reduce excessive sebum production.

Deep White Cleansing Gel has a double brightening action to renew your everyday glow. Removes all excess dead skin cells that cause dull, dark skin. Your skin will be cleansed and radiant to perfection.

It removes the excessive sebum and minimizes its production. It thoroughly cleans your pores and gets rid of makeup residue, dirt, and dust.

Combination skin:

Now if you have a combination skin, then your skin will feel oily in its T zone (forehead and nose area) and dry in the cheeks area. Now Relumin Gold Cream is the best one you can use.

The Relumin Gold Beauty Cream is infused with 24K gold properties, making your skin look soft, smooth, and radiant. Anti-inflammatory 24K gold is actually the best ingredient for skin to remove toxins, moisturize skin, and reduce dark spots to reveal visibly glowing skin and give all-day prime hydration.

Sensitive skin:

Now if your skin feel instantly itchy or red, than you definitely have a sensitive skin. Now this one is a difficult to deal with. All you need are light and mild products.

And you should always patch test before you start using them regularly. If you want our recommendations than use Soft Derm soap on a daily basis. Soft Derm is a soap bar created with plant-based components. These soap bars are created with the ideal combination of essential oils.

The essential oils are natural detoxifiers for cleansing your body from bacteria and germs while also leaving your skin comfortable and reducing hyperpigmentation.


Asraderm provides you products according to every skin issue and type. But to use them it is necessary to know your skin type. Everyone has a beautiful skin. It’s just that you need to give it a little more pampering and care.