How to Avoid Dry Hair This Winter

Dry hair in winter is thing we also want to get rid of.

Dryness is associated with the winter season. Our hair becomes dry, frizzy, and difficult to manage due to a lack of humidity and an imbalance in temperature between the cold outdoors and the warm interiors.
Winter is synonymous with the season of dryness, which is why winter hair care isn't that simple. Freezing winds, dry air, and chilly temperatures together leave no stone unturned to make you "feel the frizz," and your blankets do not let you head to the salon. Our hair becomes dry, frizzy, and difficult to manage due to a lack of humidity and an imbalance in temperature between the cold outside and the warm interior. Dry hair is difficult to detangle and causes hair loss, which further reduces hair volume.


Some ways to prevent dry hair

1.Use Lukewarm Water On Your Hair
When washing your hair, use lukewarm water—not too hot or too cold. Your hair strands' cuticles will close and seal in moisture as a result. Closed cuticles protect the scalp from pollution and keep dirt from getting inside.

2. Use Hydrating shampoo
In Winters, its is very important to moisturise your hair scalp like you moisturise your skin. You need to use a good moisturizing hair shampoo. Asraderm’s Bioblas Coconut Oil Shampoo is Solution to your hair frizz problems. Shampoo containing coconut oil helps your hair regain its natural gloss and smoothness. Coconut oil moisturizes and heals the scalp and hair from root to tip, giving them back their glossy, youthful appearance. While delicately removing build-up and debris, this coconut oil shampoo replenishes moisture in the hair. To produce manageable hair, it provides intense hydration while reducing frizz.

3. Using hair serums
Due to their many advantages, hair serums are fantastic cosmetics to keep on hand. They act as a barrier against abrasive environmental aggressors like heat, dust, and pollution, and they smooth and add shine to your hair in addition to doing away with frizz. Asraderm’s BIOXSINE DERMAGEN FORT SPRAY SERUM contains Herbal BioComplex B11, which is clinically tested and specifically formulated to help treat your dryness and frizz related issues.

4. Keep yourself hydrated
Now another major cause of having dry scalp in winters is that we intake less amount of water. Well in winters we are less thirsty and we think that our body do not requires enough water while our body needs the same amount of water as it required in summers. So keeping ourselves hydrated is another major solution to our skin and hair related problems.

5. Dry your hair after washing
When you do decide to fully wash your hair, it is important to ensure that it is dry before going outside and into the cold. Hair is most delicate when it is wet, and this isn't just because your mother always warns you that you'll get sick.
Your strands' moisture is easily sucked out by the cold temperature, making them more prone to breakage and split ends. Make sure to thoroughly dry your hair before you leave the house to prevent this.

Enjoy your winters but give a little love and care to hair too.