Treatment and Remedies for Dull and Dry Skin

Whenever we think about winters, along with the happiness of beautiful weather, cold nights and eating oranges under the sun what else comes in our mind is the stubborn tanning. We cannot enjoy this beautiful season without the fear of getting dull. But from now you need not to worry because we know how much our skin suffers from tan, sunburn, dullness, redness and whatnot.

We can understand your pain of getting tan and thinking to remove it in a single day but it always take forever to go. To get rid of sun tan first we need to know its causes. Do you know suntan protects us from UVA and UVB rays.

The melanin production is increased to protect our skin from harmful radiations. If we stay indoors are skin is protected from the harmful radiations but the more your skin is exposed to the sun  the darker it will get due to extreme melanin production.

Once you'll get tanned, it will be a slow and long process to get back to your original skin. So rather then working on removing tan it is better to protect your skin and let your skin be fair and glowing. After all we want our skin to look beautiful even after enjoying a long vacation trip. So here are some ways to protect your skin.

Cleanse, exfoliate and Moisturize:

Cleansing is a must, whether your on a vacation or at home. You need to cleanse you skin twice a day with the Best Anti-Acne face wash. Its help to take all the dirt away from your skin.

Secondly exfoliation is another best way to detoxify your skin and make it clear. Using a gentle scrub with micro beads helps to clean the dead, dark skin cells and refreshes the skin. Just remember to use gentle scrub or else harsh one would tear your skin.

Third and most important thing is to moisturize your skin. It plays a very important role in making your skin fresh and free from dryness. But it is important to use a moisturizer according to your skin type.

Cleanse, exfoliate and Moisturize your skin

Make sunblock your custom

If you have a Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin then you need not to worry about sun exposure. It protects your skin all day. Now you can spend hours playing under the sun or enjoying a beach party. Sunblock helps you to enjoy a more healthier and fun time.

But if you have not applied a sun block and you are unaware of its harmful effect then it is a right time for you to get the knowledge and protect yourself. The harmful rays of sun harms you both mentally and physically.

It is said that constant exposure under the sunlight can cause depression and anxiety. Now if you're planning to go outside or you want a long vacation, its the time to make sure you protect your skin first. Rulimin sunscreen spf 100 should be a part of your daily routine.

SPF 100 is best for all skin types and give you a gentle protection from sun all day long. This sunblock is pocket friendly too with a price of Rs 799.  The best way to protect your skin is to first apply a good moisturiser and then put on you SPF 100. It not only hydrates your skin but protects it from dullness and breakouts

Avoid the sunny hours

Now let me tell you a thing that might sound unreal. You can dodge the UV rays! Surprised? Well it is a very shocking truth that you can protect your skin if you avoid sun exposure for few hours. Time when the harmful rays of sun are on its peak is from 12 pm to 3 pm.

This is the time when the intensity of sun rays is higher than the whole day. If you avoid going outside at this time then you can protect yourself from many skin diseases including tan and skin cancer.

Umbrellas to the rescue

Now keep in mind that umbrellas are not only for your rainy days. They are made to protect you from hot sunny days too. So take them out of your closet and use it in a right way. Carrying an umbrella is a very convenient way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

According to studies, umbrella protects your skin from 77% damaging rays. It work as effectively as the sunscreen works for you. Even though umbrellas are considered enough, but still we will recommend to use sunscreen regularly.

If you're thinking to be tan free without using a sunscreen, then it is your dream which would never come true. Sunscreen is the only away to protect you from tanning and dullness. If you follow these steps then you can protect your skin from every damage. Now enjoy your skin by fighting the winter heat and enjoy your holidays.