Say No To Split Ends

Split ends are one of the most frequent (but annoying!) hair problems we’ve all experienced at some point, right up there with dryness and brittleness. Split ends and split hair in general can have a variety of causes and treatments, despite the fact that they are a common problem.

Fortunately, split ends can be effectively repaired once you know what you’re dealing with. The causes of split ends and split hair will be covered in detail in today’s blog, along with the best at-home split end hair treatments.

What exactly are split ends?

Split ends are precisely what they sound like: hair that has been damaged to the point where the ends, which are the oldest part of the hair shaft, have naturally split. However, it’s important to remember that split ends aren’t the only place on the head where it can happen.

What results in split hair and ends?

Well, all split ends result from some form of hair damage, which is what initially causes split ends and split hair. Here are a few of the most typical split end causes that you may be unknowingly causing to your hair.

Exposure to direct sunlight and high temperatures

Overexposure to heat and sunlight is one of the most frequent causes of split ends. If you don’t take precautions, the sun’s damaging UV rays and intense heat can dry out your hair, making it more prone to breaking and splitting.

Over washing your hair

Additionally, excessive hair washing can cause split ends. When we wash our hair, the natural oils are removed, giving it the “squeaky clean” appearance. However, doing so too frequently without replenishing the hair’s moisture can result in breakage and damage.

Excessive use of hair-styling equipment

Aside from damaging your hair’s general health and causing breakage, artificial heat can also have a negative impact on it. Without using heat protectant, styling tools like curling irons and flat irons can split hair unnecessarily and make it brittle.

Bleaching and perms both involve chemical processes

It can be fun to experiment with your hair by changing up your regular appearance with a perm or a new color. However, incorrect or excessive hair bleaching can split hairs and cause severe damage.

Utilizing haircare products that are inappropriate for your hair type

Sometimes using the incorrect hair care products for your particular hair type is the sole cause of split ends. For instance, you might be damaging your hair every time you shower if you have dry hair and aren’t using a shampoo designed for your hair type.

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Not having regular trims

Simply not getting your hair trimmed frequently enough is another one of the most typical reasons for split ends. Our hair experiences deterioration over time. Split hairs can develop if you wait too long between haircuts.

Exposure to chlorinated pools or sea water, as well as hard water
In addition to the sun, exposure to hard water, such as that found in swimming pools or saltwater, too frequently can harm the hair and result in split ends and other problems.

Why are split ends damaging to hair?

Split ends are completely common, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them if you start noticing them in your hair. Your hair is trying to tell you that it’s damaged and needs some assistance to get back to normal by showing you split ends and split hair. The good news is that everyone can find a hair treatment for split ends, and we’ll discuss a few of them shortly.