Suggestions for Office Workers

Nowadays, people spent most of their time in the office, which may cause not to be able to eat healthy due to the busy work schedule. Besides, spending too much time in the office may cause overweight and fat accumulation. Whereas eating healthy in the office and losing weight instead of gaining is possible. 

In order to be a healthy person, the daily diet has vital importance. A well-balanced diet and consuming enough vitamin&minerals increases the health conditions along with helping to achieve better work performance. Here are some healthy leaving tips for people who have an office job or who are not able to move enough through the day:


Always take care of having a nutritious breakfast. Healthier foods should be preferred instead of easily accessible foods such as pies and pastries. A toast that is prepared with white cheese and whole-grain bread or corn flakes with milk might be preferred. 

Try to decrease the number of coffee and tea consumption per day, and try to stay away from the fizzy drinks. If possible, do not consume at all, because these kinds of drinks decrease the desire for drinking water. Also, it damages the hydric balance by showing a diuretic effect. In the case of a decline in the water level, fatigue, headache, and focusing problems might arise. Try not to consume cream in the coffee and use water or milk instead, and consume a weak tea with lemon. Drinks such as water, freshly squeezed juice, herbal teas, buttermilk should be consumed more frequently. Have a bottle of water on your desk while working, so during the busy day, you don’t forget to drink it.

Rather than ordering your launch to where you work, try to eat out; therefore, you could increase your physical activity during the day and could access to healthier food options. Moreover, changing the environment will have a positive impact on your mental health; therefore, you could go back to work more motivated. If it is not possible to eat out, try to order foods such as a whole wheat sandwich, tuna or chicken salad, whole wheat toast and buttermilk instead of foods such as pizza, hamburger with high fat and calories.

To prevent an increase in blood sugar, eat two times, between 5 to 3 hours. If your blood sugar level decreases and starve begins, your brain functions might decrease as well. The lack of concentration will occur, and the cognitive skills will decrease. For a refreshments fruit, whole wheat biscuits, a small wholemeal sandwich or toast could be a good option. Moreover, you could always stock dried fruits, controlled seeds such as nuts, walnuts, almond oil seeds, fruit or probiotic yoghurts, milk and buttermilk in your desk drawer for everyday use. 

Try to consume fibre nutritious. While the fibre increases the period of satiety, it also prevents the possibility of constipation fat which may happen because of lack of movement. Consuming food without fibre may lead to an increase in both body and blood fats. It is essential to increase the number of vegetables and fruits consumed during the day, eating legumes 2-3 times a week and brown bread instead of white bread, and bulgur instead of rice helps you to absorb more nutrition with fibre.

The birthday parties in the office and the sugary energy sources such as sweet and cake brought by the guests increase the daily calorie intake and cause fat accumulation in the body. To consume dessert, fruit dessert, or milk desserts can be a good option as a refreshment during the day once a week. 

Use the stairs instead of the elevator to quicken your metabolism. Do not sit in your office for more than 2 hours, if you need anything to get, consume it by yourself instead of someone else. Instead of communicating with people thought the desk phone, try to get up and talk in person. These small movements will increase the amount of energy you spend during the day.

Try to move your shoulders, arms and legs in every 15 minutes. Learn the exercises that can be done at the desk and try to apply them several times during the day. 

Prefer to use public transports instead of your car to get to the office. If you take off before coupe stops earlier than your office location, you could have the option to increase your daily physical activity by walking. 

Example Menu for Office Workers 

Morning           : 1 whole-wheat toast + herbal tea or

                           4-6 Spoon + 1 glass of milk

Refreshment  :  3 dried apricots or corn flakes 1 dried fig + 2 Walnuts


Launch           : 100 g meat / chicken / fish

                          Vegetable within 4-5 spoons of olive oil 

                          Season salad 

                          1-2 thin slices of whole-grain bread


Refreshment    : Fruit 

Refreshment:  1 whole-wheat toast or 

                         1 probiotic yoghurt or

                         1 glass of milk or

                         Wholemeal grissini / biscuit


Dinner         :   A vegetable dish with meat

                        6 spoons legumes or 3 spoons of rice of wheat grains

                        Buttermilk or tzatziki

                        1-2 thin slices of whole-grain bread


Refreshment: Fruit