The Do’s and Don’ts of exfoliation: Dermatologist-approved tips

Exfoliating dead skin cells can leave skin clear, healthy and not too shiny, but only if you do it right. With so many face scrubs to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing the right exfoliating skincare products for your skin type. Here are some tips and tricks for using facial exfoliators correctly to achieve great looking skin and getting the most out of adding exfoliation to your daily skin care routine.

Dermatologist-approved tips for glowing skin

Tips for using facial exfoliators correctly

Do's #1: Finding the Right Scrub for Your Skin Type

To add exfoliation to your daily skincare routine, finding a facial her scrub that suits your skin type is paramount. I would like to choose Before choosing a face scrub, take the time to examine your skin. Do you have dry skin? Be very careful. Do you have oily skin? Remove excess sebum and be careful not to irritate the skin further.

Do's #2: Exfoliate in the morning

Make exfoliating part of your morning routine. Mornings are the best time to cleanse because your skin renews itself overnight. Apply your favorite moisturizer after scrubbing to reduce oil production and keep skin smooth.

Do's #3: Invest in a good exfoliator

Now having a good exfoliator is an investment for your skin. So you should choose wisely. Always try to have gentle exfoliator. Like La Skin AHA & BHA enriched with peeling solution is formulated with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid and 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid with soothing Tasmania pepper extract.

La skin AHA & BHA supports skin with enlarged and clogged pore problem.
It is also very essential for uneven skin tone.

Don’t #1 Choose the wrong scrub

Choose your exfoliating scrub wisely. Jagged granules can cause redness and irritation. You want soft, rounded particles.

Don’t #2: Randomly choose time to exfoliate

It’s hard to set aside time to exfoliate, but to get the most out of your facial scrub, you need to stick to specific times of the day.

Don’t #3: Daily exfoliation

Adding a facial scrub to your skincare routine can give you the clear, smooth skin you’ve been looking for, but exfoliating every day can be a challenge. Most facial scrubs (including his three above) can be used up to three times a week for maximum results.

Even if your skin is oily and needs extra cleansing, excessive exfoliation may be too harsh for delicate skin. The skin on your face is particularly delicate and you want to avoid irritating it.


Now that you know the best facial scrub and exfoliating tips for your skin type, you’re one step closer to beautifully smooth skin.