Tips For A Healthy Skin During Ramadan

In the Middle East, the month of Ramadan, which is dedicated to spirituality and religious observance, is eagerly anticipated. It is also a time for reuniting with loved ones and friends over meals. Our lifestyles and routines change during this month to accommodate the fasting requirements, which can be disastrous for our skin. In order to maintain our health, we may need to modify how we nourish the body and skin in light of the dietary and schedule changes. Here are some pointers for maintaining healthy skin.

Apply Enough Moisturizer

Your daily routine should include the use of moisturizing cream. Regular use of moisturizer keeps the skin moist and prevents wrinkles. Ramadan is the time of year when maintaining proper hydration is most important because fasting causes daytime fluid loss. A moisturizing routine that is more intense needs to take its place.

Therefore, be sure to use your moisturizer every day. Relumin Face Moisturizer is a non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer that aids in the repair of the skin’s natural barrier and moisture retention. Our moisturizing lotion smooths your skin’s surface and helps to bind moisture there, hydrating it for up to 24 hours. For your skincare routine, it is a fully loaded backpack of hydration.

During Suhoor, be sure to drink enough water

You must make sure to drink a lot of water between Iftar and Suhoor. Considering how little time you have to replace lost fluids, this is beneficial for the entire body. In order to keep your skin soft and supple, proper hydration is crucial. Make sure to drink plenty of water and vitamin-rich natural juices. Also, stay away from carbonated beverages because they can worsen damage.

Take time to rest

Sleep patterns are often disrupted during Ramadan. Because the nights are so brief, we occasionally have to choose between sleeping enough and getting enough food and social time. As much time as you can, devote to uninterrupted sleep because this is when your skin regenerates. In addition, getting enough sleep prevents saggy eyes and dark circles under the eyes.

Avoid sodas and other caffeinated beverages

Avoiding particular foods and beverages is the key to taking care of your skin during Ramadan. It is well known that caffeine and carbonated beverages drain the body’s minerals, which harms your skin.

Taking care of your eyes

Due to the stress of Ramadan, you might start to notice dark circles under your eyes. Try to get eight hours of sleep every night and pay attention to your eyes by putting tea bags over them. This will give your face a soft glow and care for your skin throughout Ramadan.