Asraderm is a rapidly expanding cosmetic and nutraceutical company. We specialize in creating and introducing an advanced healthcare and cosmetic products, as well as overseeing brand marketing, sales, and distribution efforts. Our own brands, including "Asra Derm" and "Evr Yong," as well as international labels like "Biota Laboratories," "Nutraxin," "Cosmed," "Anubis," and "S&V Technologies," are well-known throughout Pakistan.

Commencement of AsraDerm occurred in August 2014, with the goal of being a leading provider of cosmeceuticals and aesthetic products in Pakistan and internationally. In just 6 years, the organization has collaborated with top dermatologists and cosmetologists in Pakistan, bringing on over 300 specialists. AsraDerm collaborates with around 35 distributors countrywide, including one national distributor.

Mr. Shahzad Ali Shah started AsraDerm in 2014 and currently serves as its CEO. Before creating AsraDerm, he worked for some of Pakistan's top organizations in the aesthetics, dermatology, and cosmeceutical industries for 17 years. He began his career with ATCO Laboratories Ltd., where he gained expertise at all levels of the country's top dermatological enterprises before rising to high managerial positions.

AsraDerm now collaborates with top international dermatological and cosmeceutical firms, including "Biota Laboratories," "Nutraxin," "Cosmed," "Topicrem Dermatological Laboratories," "Amalian," "S & V Technologies GmbH," and "Medytox Inc." Our primary focus is on developing unique products that fulfill high quality standards in Pakistan and beyond.

We aim to become Pakistan's leading firm in terms of competence and innovation. We provide high-quality pharmaceuticals that are both premium and reasonable. Our mission is to address each individual's demands with exceptional services and products. With our top-tier brands, we hope to help people feel great, look great, and live their best lives by providing excellent products.

At AsraDerm, we thank each of our customers for embracing natural living. As we explore the world of natural wellness, we promise to bring you the top-quality products. Your support drives us to enhance your skincare experience with effective, natural solutions. Join us on the journey to achieve healthier, glowing skin together.